The Current Time

The Current Time! Everybody is constantly looking for the current time.

To determine the exact time, a second is not accurate enough.That is why all time in the world is related to a Atomclock.

The Digital Clock below tells the you exact time and date for the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Analog Clock below shows the Atomtime for Amsterdam, Holland and is always very accurate.

Looking for the exact time in a different timezone? Please check out our worldclock!

Altijd de juiste tijd met deze mooie klok
The Exact Time is NOW!

If you have visited this website then you will never have an excuses to come late ever again. Your watch, alarm clock, wall clock and computer can be set to the exact time right now!

* It speaks for itself that tries to show above time and other data as accurate as possible. These are synchronised with an Atomclock. However can not be held resposible for any inaccuracies.

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